I never for a minute imagined that my ‘Light Bulb Moment’ 12 years ago would lead me to where I am now.

trainerpicWhat’s my light bulb moment? It was 2002 & I was waiting for my daughter Tonya to come out of school when the realisation hit me like a train! I was horribly overweight, unfit, and utterly miserable.  A chain of thought ran through my head… I hate my body, I’ve done nothing, achieved nothing & I don’t want to be like this anymore!

So began my journey – Exercises classes, walking instead of driving, cycling for the fun of it, aerobics classes & Discovering Weight Training!

I began reading all I could find about healthy nutrition and was horrified to discover some of the ingredients in the food I’d been eating without a glance at the labels!

So I learnt and soaked up all the information I could and continue to do so today, my most recent course being one that will enable me to teach, particularly within the fitness industry.

Discovering the weights was the turnaround for me.  I love the feeling of worked muscles & strength. Being strong, I believe is one of the most empowering traits a woman can possess!

In 2004 I competed for the first time. I was just going to do one show!  My own little challenge. Ha!  That didn’t quite go to plan.  Check out my ‘Bio’ page for contest history. So now, I get to give back; through Personal Training, developing my teaching skills and being a part of the judging team for the NPA, my Bodybuilding family. ( www.npabodybuilding.com )

Here is where my heart lies; natural bodybuilding, training others to reach their goals & supporting people on their journeys into a healthy lifestyle. My approach when I work with clients is always holistic. I know how much of an emotional journey it is when that decision is made to embark on a healthier lifestyle, especially when it’s something new and unfamiliar.  It’s never a ‘quick-6-week-fix’ with a ‘see-ya-later’ at the end.

My support & commitment is ongoing, providing the encouragement and accountability my clients need.

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Note: Contact Carol for more info on 0776 158 4209.

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